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Welcome to, the website that houses diverse and unparalleled published writings and other literary works through E. Publishing, a unique and quickly growing publishing company, and E. Expressions, a medium for seminars and lectures.   E. Publishing and E. Expressions contain a library of books, workshops, and presentations on self-enhancement, adolescents’ and children’s literature, mental health education and awareness, women’s and adolescent mentorship, poetry, ecclesiastical literature, leadership training, and motivational tools.

I am an ordained minister of the Gospel, and my most prominent gift is teaching.  I have earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Human Services and Behavioral Science respectively, and an honorary Doctorate Degree in Sacred Literature (from a fully accredited Bible College and Seminary).  The distinctive blend of my professional and academic training strengthens the efficacy of my ministry.  Passionate about mental health and wellness, I am a certified instructor of Mental Health First Aid, an evidence-based, public education course, sponsored by the National Council of Mental Wellness (Washington, D.C.). This course trains lay people to detect signs and symptoms of mental illness and suicidal behavior.  I mentor and coach men, women, and children of all walks of life. 

I host an epic yearly seminar, called Ladies in Waiting, Plus.  It’s a fun-filled day of lectures, interactive exercises, and discussions of love, life, and relationships.  My mentorship class for teenaged girls is called Distinguished D.I.V.A.s (Daughters of Integrity, Virtue and Authority.) The D.I.V.A.s class focuses on maturity and transitioning to womanhood, as well as the social, emotional, mental, educational and practical components of growth and development.

My published books can be purchased through the order page of this website and through Amazon.  Church Etiquette, Vol. 1 is a reference book of proper church conduct. It is commonly used for new members’ orientation and bible studies.  If I Should Die Before You Wake is a life skills guide for adolescents. It has been incorporated into curriculums of Christian schools and youth ministries of churches of various faiths.  Dating the Single Mom is an anthology of seven single moms and one single dad. Each of the authors tell their stories to empower other single parents and give helpful tips for preparing for a partner.

Although credentials are important, I believe that compassion and authenticity are equally significant.  My motto is, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care… Let excellence be your signature.”

Church Etiquette, Vol. 1

 is a reference book of general, practical proprieties for organized Christian worship services and ceremonies.  Written to promote order and excellence, it has been used by numerous churches across the United States and in Canada for new members’ orientation and bible studies.